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November 2011



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Nov. 28th, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Fanfiction

To be honest, I don't watch a lot of animes or read a lot of mangas. But recently I watched Tiger & Bunny, and I absolutely loved it!!!! So... What I did was create a fanfiction for it since I love the series so! The only thing is that.... >.< I'm not so great at writing believe it or not... However I wanted to try my hand at it... So I created my first fanfiction ever, Paradise We have yet to See. It's a Barnaby x Kotetsu pairing. I'll post it separately and hope you all like it!

Dec. 30th, 2010

Vocaloid's blizzard invade NYC

XD Not really.. XD Well yes. OKIES!!! Well, it's almost halfway through winter break.. and I haven't been motivated to do anything! Except draw through.. What good about this break so far is that I am almost done with the final image to the Kingdom Hearts Dynasty set!!! XD Namine is the last one.. Next on the list, I need to finish my final digital portrait of Jiro and then finish my freaking Chinese zodiac valentine images.. XD As for cosplay wise- NADA. I did get my SF-A2 Miki wig set and done, but I haven't started on her outfit yet.. >.<... I really feel like I don't wanna.. But I must... But I do have a current chosen cosplay I want to make and it's from the mange, Bride of the Water God... XD It should be easy to make.. I think.... But ok.. List for cosplays DEFINITELY I will do
  • Mura (child version)- Bride of the Water God
  • Kairi's Dynasty- my version
  • Zhen Ji/Xing Cai- dynasty Warriors
Other than that.. NADA!!... Oh oh oh!! I FINALLY got all my grades from school... PASSED EVERY SINGLE CLASS!! 4 A's and 2 B's!! Wonderful!!! XD I wasn't worried about any classes except for Sociology.. But it was cool.

OK Now to the real thing.. BLIZZARD of 12/2010... INSANE!! Snow like there was no tomorrow... My sister and I actually went out at 7 PM on the day of the blizzard to see if we could somehow make a difference and try to get less snow on the driveway... TOTALLY FAILED!!... XD Well.. Actually, it was mainly because my father was going crazy in trying to get us inside... XD But still, the next morning, the snow was like three feet tall.. XD and some hills were taller than I am.. WTF!! XD Work was cancelled twice for me, the roads weren't plowed until a few days later after the storm.. OMG TOTAL CHAOS!! I heard that on a highway near where I lived, people had to be airlifted out.... O.o HOLY CRAP.. Insane winter blizzard... Glad it's over!!

Now.. VOCALOID INVADING NYC!! My lovely friend Alina created this get-together with a couple of friend and me to go into the city in our Vocaloid wigs.. XD So first it was just me, Kaitlin, and Jeff. Then we met up with Alina!!!!! ♥♥♥ Went around to Little Korea... Oh man.. I freaked.... XD I'm sorry you guys had to see me freak.. I was so happy.. XD Alina got a beautiful ear muff.. LOOKED AMAZING ON HER!!! XD♥ IT'S SO FLUFFY!!! Then after that, we went on the subway to go to the Queen's Mall to meet up with Lela and Caryn! XD That was fun too!! So on to the mall, we meet up with the others.... XD We totally freaked out some of the workers and customers in the mall.. XD Some girl even went to touch my "question mark" curl XD. That was fun.. XD Ohhh man.. AND PEPPERMINT BARK ICE CREAM FROM HAGAAN DAZE!! SO GOOD!! But I think the sugar overload made me sleepy!!!! >.< Idk why but it did!!... What made me sad was that Kaitlin and I couldn't stay longer... TT.TT But it was fun!!! Last, the vocaloid girls went to a city backdrop and took pictures!! So fun!!..... So yeah.. That's what my break is like so far.. and I got to tell you, this was the best way to end the year... AMAZING!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! And I hope for more fun!!! XD

And a video to end this with.. Xin Ge Shi Chang by Nicholas Teo!!

Feb. 14th, 2010

Friends Only!

Sorry this Livejournal is for friends only!! Wish to be my friend? You must let me know your Lj name and tell me about yourself before I accept you!